What Makes Me Unique

Your health and quality of life are YOUR responsibility and NOT your Doctor’s and I’ll let you in on a secret! I  am NOT unique!

Rather, I consider myself to be a very fortunate fellow who was born with a strong and healthy body way back in the year of 1947 and who then used common sense to try and maintain my health, looks and quality of life for as long as I possibly could!

AND SO CAN YOU because we now live in the brave world of the internet, which gives everybody access to information, natural protocols and supplements that have never before been available in the history of mankind!

If you have any sort of symptom or medical condition, you can now research it on the internet because staying healthy is not rocket science. It is very simple and straightforward in so many ways!

And that is purpose for my website!

It’s to provide you with information on natural protocols, supplements and cell activators, which can help you retain or regain your health, stay in control of your weight, protect you against harmful electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi etc and slow down the aging process, especially if you are in your 50’s or older, when the body becomes even more vulnerable to cellular, hormonal and metabolic changes, which can create adverse challenges to your health and future quality of life if you don’t make the effort to change your lifestyle NOW and protect yourself from environmental challenges while you still can!

My Journey

I was introduced to a health code at age 11, which made perfect sense to me at the time and I resolved to not drink alcohol, nor smoke or take drugs. 

At age 17, I joined the Dutch Marine Corps straight out of High School and qualified as a Combat/Swimmer Frogman Commando with the Special Boat Service or SBS at age 19 and stuck to my resolve to not drink alcohol, smoke or take drugs despite the peer pressure!

My six years in the Marines taught me discipline and the physical and mental benefits of aerobic and weight resistance exercise. I became a Certified Gym Instructor at age 53!

 What I Believe 

I believe that living a healthy lifestyle is about education and choice! It's also about balance and common sense. That’s why I have never been too fanatical about exercise and sticking to a strict diet - I still liked to have my fish and chips every now and then!

Now, we CAN'T STOP aging but I believe we CAN AGE successfully.

We CAN change our genes by being open minded and having a determination to commit to lifestyle changes and cell activation and protection methods that trigger the adaptive systems of the body through exercise, natural, fibre-rich foods, supplements and natural protocols instead of resorting to pharmaceutical drugs.

We CAN use natural alternatives to help us prevent or overcome chronic disease that would speed up the aging process of our bodies.

When I now compare myself to many of the fellow baby boomers of my age and younger (I am assuming that by now you have probably worked out my age) , I believe this is the way to go.

What do you reckon?