Natural Anti Aging Tips Like Exercising Your Body After Age 40 May Well Be the Most Important Tip You Can Follow To Slow Down The Aging Process!

For many years now, natural anti aging tips like incorporating regular exercise into your daily lifestyle for instance, have been recommended as critical if you wished to stay healthy, and also live longer. 

Recent studies and research very much back up the natural anti aging tip of including a regular exercise routine as part of your lifestyle after your 40’s, as a survey showed that this may well prove to be the most critical time of all!

WHY Is Regular Exercise Particularly Important After Your 40's ?

Because based on the responses of some 6500 adults aged between 20 and 84 to questions about their health, which were then matched to their blood samples, in a survey conducted by the American National Health & Nutrition Survey (NHANES) some years back, researchers discovered that the more people exercised, the more substantially the risk to have shorter TELOMERES declined!

So, What Are Telomeres And What Role Do They Play In The Aging Process?

Telomeres are the caps at the end of our chromosomes, our DNA strands, and Telomere length has been associated with longevity. These will shorten over a lifetime due to factors not only related to age but also due to chemical and toxin exposure, nutritional deficiency, and lack of exercise, which can lead to obesity and illness in our older years!

The Survey Posed 4 Broadly Asked Questions!

Whether, at any time during the past month, the participants had engaged in moderate exercise like walking, or in more vigorous exercise like weight training, running or riding a bike.

If the participant answered yes to any of those four questions, he or she earned a point from the researchers. So, if a person rode a bike and also engaged in weight lifting, they would earn 2 out of the 4 points, and so on, for a maximum of 4 points.

The results were then compared to each person’s Telomere length and it turned out that for every point someone gained from any of those 4 exercises, his or her risks of having unusually short Telomeres declined significantly!

Well, and this the main reason for me writing this post, these results proved to be the strongest among the participants between the ages of 40 and 65, suggesting that middle age may well be the KEY time to begin and then maintain an exercise program if you wished to slow down the aging process by preventing the untimely shrinking of your Telomeres!

What Has This Lifestyle Approach Done For Me As A 70-Year-Old?

About the Author John Tonsbeek

I was introduced to a code of health at age 11, which taught me the basic principles of health of abstaining from alcohol, not smoke or take drugs and eat a healthy diet if I wished to protect my body from sickness and premature aging. My time in the Dutch Marine Corps Special Forces taught me the importance of regular aerobic and weight resistance exercise and self-discipline.

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