PEMF Therapy... An Effective Way
to Boost Your Health, Deal With Pain & Slow Down Aging After Your 50's!

Why You Need PEMF Therapy!

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field and is a widely utilized technology backed by over 10,000 clinical studies that is successfully used across a wide spectrum of tissue regeneration applications from bone growth and improved circulation through to pain management and insomnia issues.

8 -to 10 Minutes Twice a Day!

Eventhough most people don't feel anything with PEMF therapy, some people feel relief quickly, and while it may take longer for others, those who integrate PEMF therapy into their life on a regular and consistent basis at least 8-10 minutes a day, will receive the most profound benefits over time and into the future!

Some Benefits of PEMF Therapy

Drug Free, Non Invasive &
NO Side Effects Pain Relief!

Many physicians are now referring pain sufferers to non-drug based therapies in order to reduce drug dependencies, invasive procedures and/or side effects. The challenge has been to find the least invasive, affordable, non-toxic approach that is easy to administer with verifiable results. PEMF therapy is the solution!

Insomnia, STRESS and
Anxiety Relief 

Low intensity, frequency-based, PEMF therapy aids sleep and has positive effects on calming the brain by synchronizing an external frequency with the frequencies of the brain and addressing the chemical and hormonal imbalances associated with stress and anxiety disorders.

Anti Aging Benefits

PEMF therapy stimulates the cells to function optimally by reducing oxidative waste and improving the oxygen-carrying capacity of the cells. More energy for the cells has longevity effects due to highly optimized functions which include repair and recovery from stress. To sum it up, less oxidative waste directly translates into slower ageing!

Fortify Your Immunity! 

PEMF works by improving your biological terrain and enhances immunity by increasing immune cell communication via interleukin and cytokine regulation to create a body-wide coordinated attack to destroy viruses and harmful bacteria. It also increases cellular voltage to improve cell resistance to viruses so that they cannot replicate!

What our customers are saying:

I have no option but to recommend PEMF therapy to others ...

I have no option but to recommend PEMF therapy to other people. I mean, I saw myself go from being bedridden and depressed to being mobile and energetic in 4 weeks after suffering for 8 weeks from the physical and mental after effects of a knee replacement surgery, which had gone horribly wrong .....

  Ken Pointon - Brisbane, Australia //  74-year old grandfather

This system has been a blessing to me ...

I highly recommend PEMF therapy to those who have been suffering for years without any success of healing and have outlaid thousands of dollars. The healing has all to do with increasing the oxygen levels by expanding the blood vessels, unsticking the blood platelets and increasing the blood flow, to naturally regenerate the cells within the body. This retards the aging process by energizing our cells and greatly assisting the repair of damaged tissue. This system has been a blessing to me.

Keith from  Brisbane, Australia //  68-year old retiree

John Tonsbeek  //  Great-Grandfather

As a person now in my 70's, I am acutely aware of the importance of cellular health and my continuous protection against viruses, bacteria and EMF radiation!

While regular exercise and healthy nutrition are important, using PEMF therapy daily will increase your energy balance through the stimulation of cellular voltage, which in turn positively affects the immune, endocrine, nervous, circulatory and musculoskeletal systems in your body.

I have been using PEMF therapy for the past 20 years now and I strongly urge you to start doing so yourself if you wish to retain your energy, looks and health, and avoid pain if you value a decent quality of life in your older age!

Yours in health,

John Tonsbeek

Join Over 400.000 daily
users worldwide in 21 countries

I use the mat 3 times a day for my Parkinson's ...

I use the mat 3 times a day. I have had Parkinson's and my neurologist says that the tremor in my leg and lips is gone and 50% of the tremor in my arm is gone, so I owe it all to the mat. I am a volleyball coach and I had a frozen shoulder and now its also gone away. I am able to spike and serve normally.

Fred Stickney  //  Volleyball Coach

If this can work for me, it can work for you ...

Six (6) months ago I ended up having a stroke due to medical complications in the ER and my doctors told me that it would take about eleven (11)  years before I get back to normal and 100% with full cognitive ability. I was so lucky to come across this mat, which a friend of ours introduced us to. PEMF therapy combined with brain wave entrainment binaural beats reversed my symptoms from saying three (3) words to being able to talk normally. If this can work for me, it can work for you!

Kelly  //  Stroke Victim

The Best Time to Start Getting Well Again & Slow Down Aging is NOW!

Ask yourself this question!

Do you wish to pay for a PEMF system NOW or do you wish to pay for it LATER?

If you choose to pay for it later, you probably won’t like the accrued interest that will inevitably come in the form of unnecessary medical bills, specialists and hospital costs.

This is besides the unpleasant side effects on your body and mind from the pharmaceutical drugs you are forced to take to alleviate your adverse health and pain conditions as you grow into old age.

According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald 8 years ago (!),  MEDICINE use by middle-aged and older people has sky-rocketed, raising the risk of dangerous side effects from interactions among prescription drugs and inflating out-of-pocket costs for unsubsidised supplements recommended by doctors when half of those age 50 or older take at least 5 drugs or supplements on a typical day! Huge increase in the use of prescription drugs among those over 50

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